Flexible Leasing Programs

  • We offer Fair Market Value (aka Operating) lease programs ranging from 36 to 48 months in duration - creating greater flexibility in a market where many competitors require a minimum 48-month lease term. In some special circumstances, other FMV lease terms can be arranged. Our programs also offer the merchant the best array of options at the end of the lease to convert to a month-to-month term, purchase or return the equipment.
  • We offer 48 and 60 month terms for Capital Leases (aka $1.00 buyout leases). In some special circumstances, other Capital Lease terms can be arranged.
Rental Programs

  • Renting is an ideal solution for clients who are looking for an interim solution during a transition or growth period, operate on a seasonal basis (e.g., ski resorts, beach merchants, additional checkout locations during a busy season, etc.). Once the rental term is completed, the equipment is simply returned. This option is also attractive to rapidly growing clients who need added flexibility to maximize their growth.
  • We offer our partners rental programs with terms of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months on selected models of equipment.
  • Additionally, we can arrange for short-term rentals of 1 to 3 months in duration, including wireless terminals, again on selected equipment and with pre-approved deployment facilities.
Revenue to Partners

  • Our partners have the opportunity to generate income on all leases and rentals in two ways: upfront revenue and recurring revenue. Upfront revenue is included in the rate calculation and paid to our partners the month following the contract inception. It can be used to compensate sales representatives and to cover other costs.
  • Recurring revenue can be generated by marking up RLC's "minimum" payment to create a revenue stream for the duration of the contract. This markup can be either a fixed or variable amount or both. RLC will ACH the merchant for the full payment (rent, taxes, miscellaneous fees and revenue sharing) and distribute these amounts to our partners monthly.