About Us

RLC is a leading provider of higher technology equipment leasing and financing services to merchants, financial institutions, telecommunications companies and many other types of businesses throughout the United States.

Originally established in 1985, RLC was founded by Chip Nichols with the goal of helping businesses overcome budgetary constraints associated with the capital expenditures of buying equipment.

Given the rapid technological advances that can quickly make equipment outdated or obsolete, leasing provides a more cost-effective way for businesses to obtain the latest equipment, remain competitive, and use their financial resources wisely.

Based on our high level of customer satisfaction and client service, RLC has grown to be one of the premier providers of leasing and renting in the electronic payments industry.

RLC's client list represents many of the largest and most respected companies in the Electronic Payments industry throughout the U.S. These companies are of all sizes, from nationwide retail chains to single location local merchants. Our list also includes Acquirers such as financial institutions and ISOs, some who are our lessee as well as others where their merchant is our lessee. Our programs are designed for your markets, regardless of your focus on credit/debit payments, prepaid applications and check guarantee/authorization and remote deposit capture. We customize our programs to fit your clients markets and needs.

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We partner with Resource because we know that our clients will receive the best-in-class POS financing programs available. The service, professionalism and attention to detail that RLC provides is second to none.

We know with confidence that our clients will be well taken care of with flexible and creative programs that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

-- Randy Siebold, EVP
SMART Business Technology

We have done business with the folks from RLC for many years. They are experts in their knowledge of the leasing business, and they have always handled our business with precision and the highest possible degree of professionalism. We would highly recommend RLC to anyone.

-- Tom Stumb, President and CEO, and
Julie Marr, Vice President of Accounting Operations,
Nashville Bank & Trust Company, TN