Market Segments
  • Custom Small Client Programs. Our lease and rental programs are tailored to what our Partners believe their markets demand - and RLC works with clients to ensure the best and most responsive service.

  • Large Client Leases/Rentals. Our flexibility and customer service are not only key attractions to smaller clients, but also a significant benefit to the major client market. RLC's core business has always been to service the needs of clients with a chain of locations.

While our competitors fragment their services into several areas, RLC has focused on technology-based equipment and has developed an in-depth understanding of the equipment, its value, and how to best serve our clients - not how to sell them peripheral services. This expertise allows RLC to take higher residual positions, which leads to more competitive pricing.

Our Partners benefit because they are able to obtain all leasing services from the same company with competitive rates, focused exclusively on their leasing needs and not on selling secondary services.