Features And Benefits
  • Equipment Support Services (ESS). RLC understands the importance of working equipment - and we also know that equipment failures do occur. We work to alleviate problems and minimize down time by partnering with established Equipment Support Providers (ESPs) who are able to quickly and efficiently handle equipment deployments, replacements, and repairs.

  • Revenue To Partners. Our Partners have the opportunity to generate significant income on all leases and rentals in two ways. Up-front revenue can be used by our Partners to compensate sales representatives and to cover other costs. Recurring revenue can be generated by marking up our "wholesale" payments to create a continuing revenue stream for the duration of the lease or rental. Resource Leasing will collect payment from the client for the full payment (lease, taxes, terminal service fees and partner revenue sharing) and distribute these amounts monthly.

  • Tax Compliance. Tax services represent an essential and unavoidable component of a compliant POS leasing/rental program. With more than 8,000 tax jurisdictions around the U.S. and with constant changes in rates, tax compliance poses one of the greatest challenges to the lease provider.RLC has invested the resources to solve this problem for its Partners. Through our tax database alliances and sophisticated inventory management system, we are able to manage and service the tax obligations associated with all leases and rentals. We completely remove this exposure and burden from our Partners' and customers' shoulders.

  • Flexible Buyout Provisions. Our end-of lease equipment buyout provisions include Fair Market Value (FMV) and "dollar-out." The FMV lease produces the lowest set of lease pricing because the merchant is buying only the USE of the equipment, not capital ownership. This enables RLC to take on the increased risk of taking equipment back (a daunting prospect to our competition).

  • Manufacturer Independence. RLC is not affiliated in any way with any particular manufacturer. Therefore, we are free to finance the equipment that best fits the needs and requirements of our Partners and clients. RLC is happy to use our Partner's vendor and pricing, or utilize our own buying relationships - creating the greatest flexibility at the best price.